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Lottery Singapore

Founded in 1968, Lottery Singapore is the country’s only legal lottery. The lottery is conducted by the Singapore Pools, a government-owned company. It offers a variety of lottery games. Its prize money is set at $1 million in a draw.

Lottery Singapore is conducted every Thursday at 6.30pm. Players can find more information about the lottery at the official website. You can also check out the results of previous draws. The website provides information about prize amounts and the lottery draw time.

The website also hosts the results of Lotto Info, a daily lottery game. It offers information on the prize amounts and the prize fund. It also has information on the last five winners. You can also get more information about the winning number patterns and the positions of the winners.

You can also find out the results of the Lotto Max Singapore game. This scheme has become very popular. Despite being a new game, it has taken off in Singapore. You need to make a deposit and bid for a ticket. Then, you wait for the winner announcement.

It is advisable to bet multiple tickets for more chances to win. You can choose to bet online or offline. Online, it is more convenient and you can play from your computer or your smartphone. You can also choose a site that is safe and reliable.

There are several online lottery websites that you can use. You can play using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.