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The Singapore Lottery is a government-owned lottery system. It is available to both local and foreign residents. To participate, you need to purchase a ticket. A ticket costs S$2 per chance.

This lottery offers a variety of different games. You can choose from four-digit, five-digit and seven-digit game options. There are also cascade draws that are held on 9:30PM on weekdays.

Players can play the lottery on a computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone. Buying lots with other players increases the chance of winning. If you are playing the Singapore Lottery online, you will be rewarded with digital tokens. These can be exchanged for real-world rewards.

The first lottery system in Singapore was launched in 1968. Today, it is one of the country’s most popular games. Thousands of people play it every day.

In the late 1980s, the game became more popular when the jackpot hit SGD300,000 for the first time. After that, the prize increased to SGD500,000, making it the biggest gambling prize in the country.

However, the Tote Board’s annual report showed a 40% increase in sports betting, with total wagers aimed at games such as Toto. Moreover, the number of gamblers rose to 44%.

Among the lotteries offered by the Tote Board is the 4-D. In this game, you have to choose from six numbers from 1 to 49. When three of your numbers match the drawn numbers, you win.

The Singapore Toto Lotto is also a popular form of lottery. First started in 1968, it evolved over four decades. Now, it’s the only legal lottery in the country.